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Guide to Good Computing Habits to ensure that users have the basic tools they need to keep their systems running smoothly. We believe that by teaching people, and taking some of the mystery out of computers, the result is that our users are ultimately more self-sufficient and happier with their computers.

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When it comes to computer protection, computer health and overall computer performance, there are a few items that need to be routinely considered. Anyone owning a PC must own an appropriate level of protection against the various forms of malware that are hoping to infiltrate any and every Windows Operating System.

Finding Live Support Software

A computer is also in need of routine maintenance to keep it running at optimal speeds and performance. Finally, a computer is in need of an excellent technical support system in the event that something goes wrong, or a user finds themselves in need of professional assistance.

The first two items on the list are pretty easy to come by with general computer knowledge. As a matter of fact, most people enjoy free anti-virus software that comes with the purchase of a computer. It is the live support software that enables a computer user to connect to professional technical support that is more difficult to find.

The Importance of Computer Protection

The mistake that many computer owners make is around a year after a computer purchase. As mentioned, many computers come with a one year trial with an anti-virus program. People assume that this software will just continue to run and function after the year is up, and if it doesn't then they probably don't need it anyway.

This is a huge mistake in terms of preserving a computer as an investment. In the age of identity theft and computer fraud, it is necessary to possess a quality anti-virus program that is also able to identify and thwart problems associated with spyware, adware, worms and all types of malicious software.

There are several great products to choose from in terms of anti-virus and anti-spyware, but few offer the support of one of the industry's leaders: CyberDefender.

As the company name suggests, CyberDefender is in the business of protecting cyber related activities, yet when it comes to customer service, they truly excel in solving any computer related issue. Their live support software makes it easy to connect with a professional, seven days a week.

It equates to owning superior, easy to use protection, and having your own IT professional available by phone who can fix any computer problem you have, regardless of where you are. Remote, live support software enabling easy fixes without the hassle of having to drop off a computer.

Taking Advantage of Live Support Software

Whether a virus issue arises, a computer simply won't boot properly or it continually crashes, the team at CyberDefender can fix the problem with a simple phone call.

While many other anti-virus software publishers and manufacturers offer services that are worthwhile and effective, there is not another support system that is as readily available as through CyberDefender. Live support software is not merely a luxury to have when you're away from home, but especially for individuals who work from home, and may potentially run into a computer problem that is beyond their capacity to repair.

Gone are the days when it costs $75 for a repair person to simply look at a computer, followed by mounting costs with every added part and minute of repair time. For live support software, and expert technical support in the realm of IT, CyberDefender offers a guarantee to fix any computer problem.

Live Tech Support

Let's face it, even if you are computer savvy, you can still run into problems that can't be solved with a task manager. The quickest, and most efficient way to solve computer problems is by just talking to live tech support.

Advantages of Live Tech Support

As computer systems become more and more complex, so do the difficulties that face users. Not only can technical problems be frustrating, they can also be time consuming and expensive to correct. From issues with software to problems with the Internet and modems, fixing printers and computer hard drives, there are any number of situations that can crop up at anytime. The goal of live tech support is to troubleshoot the concern and help users to get their systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Live Tech Support Benefits

Accessibility - As we all know, computer issues can happen anytime and often seem to occur at the most inopportune moments. Live tech support is often available for longer hours than those offered by computer repair shops or technicians. In some cases, the live tech support is actually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can get your computer up and running a lot quicker than if you had to wait for opening hours of your local computer repair shop.

Trained and certified technicians - Instead of trying to decipher computer manuals or complicated websites, you can speak with highly trained and certified, professional technicians. Not only can they help determine the problem with your computer, they can also talk you through the necessary steps required to correct the issue.

Less Costs

Inexpensive - Live tech support is often a lot cheaper than taking your computer to a repair shop or having a technician visit your home. While you will often have to pay a small fee for calling a telephone assistance line, many companies also offer free online live tech support. As long as you are not having an issue with your Internet connection or browser, you can chat in real time with technicians through the use of chat boxes. Of course, if you are having Internet issues, you will have to use telephone live tech support. On the plus side, many Internet Service Providers provide this type of support free of charge or for a small fee.

Ease of Access

Ease use - If you use a computer repairs shop whenever you have a computer failure, you will often have to bring your system to the shop so they can assess the issue. If you own a portable computer, with bluetooth such as a laptop, then this is not really an issue. If you have a desktop system, this becomes more problematic for obvious reasons. With live tech support, you can contact the technicians without having to take your computer out of your home.

Speed - In some cases, computer repair shops may ask to keep your computer for a certain amount of time, which is often due to the amount of work they have and the number of technicians available. As a result you will be without your computer for hours and sometimes days. By contacting live tech support, you will be speaking with a technician specifically about your issue only. You will not have to wait for a technician to become available and you should be able to rectify the issue a lot quicker and without having to be without your computer for any length of time.