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11 Aug

Remember Certain Keyboard Shortcuts And Save Time, Too

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the best ways to speed up your word processing and browsing speeds, and they can be easier than carrying out the command in a more traditional fashion. Keep reading to find out some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts.

CTRL Z: Holding these two buttons down on the keyboard will undo the last action taken; for instance, when you accidentally delete a paragraph of text that you intending to keep, this command will Continue Reading »

12 Jun

Watching The Younger Generation (And How They Use Technology)

Today’s generation are exposed to the latest electronic devices at an early age. Toddlers have been known to easily maneuver an iPad. Technology has also spilled over into the cellphone industry. Almost everyone has traded in their standard cellphone for a smartphone. Smartphones eliminate the need for additional devices such as computers to check for your latest emails. These smartphones are often used for GPS navigation systems. On-screen maps eliminate the need for an additional electronic device. There are thousands of free apps that you can download on your smartphone to accomplish a Continue Reading »

11 Apr

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Windows 7

Windows 7 has many improvements over previous versions of Windows. Increased performance is one of the most important improvements that were made. Better performance means you can do your work without having to sit around and wait for the computer to load. Another new feature is the ability to use touch screen monitors. Touch screen monitors provide you with a simple interface to interact with your computer more efficiently.

Windows 7 improves upon the way you customize your operating Continue Reading »

09 Jun

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Windows Vista

Computer that have Windows Vista installed may still be used for various purposes. If you happen to be using one of these machines, learn how to get the most out of this operating system. This includes all of the security features, the interface and organizational structure


Windows Vista contains an improved search feature that is powerful and fast. Click the Search box and type in part of a word, date or other information. The operating system contains an index of all the files on the machine to quickly display search results.

User Interface

The Aero user Continue Reading »

07 Apr

Technology Conventions Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before. It’s been exponentially growing ever since the technological boom of the 1990s. The personal computer is now in a large percentage of homes, schools, libraries and other public facilities. Everywhere you look there is new technology. New concepts become reality day after day. That’s why technology conventions can be so fun and rewarding. In one of these conventions you find a multitude of companies all trying to hawk their latest and greatest product. The people there are nice, Continue Reading »

23 Mar

Taking Adult Education Classes On Microsoft Office

Everyone wants to find new ways to market themselves or find a way to get promoted from one position to another. If you an adult the easiest way maybe taking classes on Microsoft Office in order to expand your knowledge. I usually refer to your knowledge as your toolbox since these are the skills you will be using in your job and to give yourself a better chance at promotions.If you are a line employee at a factory this might be a way to break into a valuable management position. This will allow you to create spreadsheets and help you to keep upper management informed on the day to day operations of their company. This shows to them that you take your future with the company seriously and they are more likely to place you in a better more stable job.This isn’t just for those seeking permanent employment because knowing how to use Microsoft Office can expand the types of temporary work you can do for employers. You just have to think of it as adding one more tool to your toolbox that people will need you to use. Just make sure when finding a course it is Microsoft certified so you can get the full benefits of your training.

07 Feb

Nintendo’s New Contender: 3DS

Nintendo’s New Contender: 3DSIt seems that Nintendo unveiled its 3DS 3D portable gaming system at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and reports by Lance Ulanoff of are that “the glasses-free 3D effect and feeling of immersion on the relatively small screen is fairly remarkable.” The review of the Nintendo’s newest contender goes on to say that the latest gadget has “three cameras, one on the face and two on the back; and the rear cameras are for 3D photography (you can’t take the images off the 3DS, but can view them on the 3D screen or use them to create your own 3D Mii) and augmented reality.”The company was not actually at the CES opting instead to hold a series of private meetings in an adjacent hotel to the convention site. It was there that the company offered journalists such as Ulanoff the opportunity for a real-time look and hand-on experience with the gaming company’s newest technology. Ulanoff reports that “Nintendo hasn’t announced final pricing or an exact ship date beyond (March); however, the company is planning a major product event later this month, where they’ll go into further detail on all the Nintendo 3DS features,” and when he joked with the company’s representative about whether or not the 3DS was Continue Reading »

08 Dec

Get Out Way Out

If you’re tired of being trapped at home just so you can be plugged in to your computer it’s time to move to the next phase of the technology wave and get out into the great wide open when it comes to working from home. Want to enjoy your morning coffee outdoors as you watch joggers running in the park? Want to get some work done while you’re waiting in the car for your kids to get out of school? Want to take a break from that unexpected traffic jam and sit down with a cup of tea instead of all the honking horns? Then it’s time to hook up with wireless internet service so you can be free to do what you need to do on the terms that you define not the terms dictated by electrical outlets. If you’ve seen people sitting in parks with their laptops open and wondered how the heck they are able to do that, then nit’s time you got on board with the same technology that’s taking the world by storm. It’s so current in fact that the FCC announced on November 30th that they are moving to free up TV airways to make room for Internet use. You bet it’s time you moved into the future and set yourself free from plugs, cords, and other arcane nonsense!

16 Jul

All about the iPad

Talk about consolidation–the iPad does it all. It’s not quite a MacBook, it’s not quite an iPod, and it’s definitely not an iPhone. So what is it? Basically, it’s Apple‘s combination of all three. The iPad is a flatter, thinner, smaller version of an apple MacBook with all the application capabilities of an iPhone. In fact, many people are replacing their laptops with iPads. Continue Reading »

01 Jul

The Newest and Coolest Gaming Technology

You’ve experienced the wonders of 3D technology in the theaters. Now, Sony is making it possible to take home video gaming systems that are a.) motion controlled and b.) displayed in eye-popping 3D. Sony has announced that their motion control system, “Move,” will be available in US stores starting September 19, 2010. They also plan on launching a series of games that will be playable with the new 3D motion controlled systems. As of now, PlayStation 3 games such as “Killzone 3,” “The Sly Collection,” and “NBA 2k11″ will be available for your senses to indulge in by the September release of the new system. Continue Reading »

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