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Guide to Good Computing Habits to ensure that users have the basic tools they need to keep their systems running smoothly. We believe that by teaching people, and taking some of the mystery out of computers, the result is that our users are ultimately more self-sufficient and happier with their computers.

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You've experienced the wonders of 3D technology in the theaters. Now, Sony is making it possible to take home video gaming systems that are a.) motion controlled and b.) displayed in eye-popping 3D. Sony has announced that their motion control system, "Move," will be available in US stores starting September 19, 2010. They also plan on launching a series of games that will be playable with the new 3D motion controlled systems. As of now, PlayStation 3 games such as "Killzone 3," "The Sly Collection," and "NBA 2k11? will be available for your senses to indulge in by the September release of the new system.

What exactly does this mean for the gaming future? There are two major breakthrough technologies that accompany Sony's Move release to consider. The first is the motion control system. Previously, only serious gamers with serious money could partake in videogames where the characters on screen are controlled by your own motions. Small scale versions of the motion control systems, such as Nintendo Wii, provide a similar experience, but so far no mainstream gaming system compares to what Sony intends to release. Secondly, the 3D aspect of Sony's new gaming system will revolutionize gaming forever.

Players who already lose themselves in the onscreen virtual realities will be even closer to actually being in the game themselves. The use of stereoscopic 3-D technology means visuals will pop out at you in 3D and the overall gaming experience will appear more lifelike than ever before.

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As smartphones take increasing control over the mobile phone community and more and more businesses and homes switch to wireless internet, there is a constant demand for unlimited coverage. Now more than ever you can be virtually connected anywhere you want. No one wants to miss the highly-anticipated finale of their favorite TV show or that important email you've been waiting all day for.

The newest most innovative internet packages allow you to stay connected anytime anywhere using 4G WiMax technology. 4G provides online connectivity four times faster than 3G. With this increase in speed you can stream music and video faster than ever without having to wait through slow uploading. Even better, with WiMax you no longer have to worry about staying in a wireless "hotspot" or else lose your connection. WiMax allows you to have mobile wireless internet connection while you're on the go.

Touch Screens

Whether its computers, mobile phones, or navigation systems, touch screens are the hot items in almost every technological market. Released in 2007, the iPhone made touch screen a major present in the mobile phone market. The iPhone has only one simple button and the rest is at your fingertips literally. Not to be out done, other companies such as Verizon, Motorola and even Google have also come out with their own touch screen mobile phones.

The latest lap top computer products confirm the touch screen trend. Lenovo's Tablet series offers the touch screen feature along with the ability to use an instrument for onscreen writing. Another key feature of this product that has become increasingly popular is the flat feature. The laptop screen swivels and can be placed flat over the keyboard. Apple's latest and highly-anticipated iPad offers similar features with touch screen and its flat screen model. The iPad is a sort of hybrid of the iPhone and other Apple computer devices.

CLEAR offers this latest improvement in internet service with packages for home internet, on the go connectivity and voice mail services at low costs. Using 4G WiMax technology you can even stay online while you're riding in the car or sitting in the waiting room at your doctor's office. With so many different forms of communication, companies like CLEAR allow you to simplify your life by calls and voicemail to your email account.

As the demand for constant internet access increases, internet providers are finding new ways to provide access to even the most remote locations. Wireless internet is no longer a coveted luxury, it is has become a required necessity. One reason wireless is gaining popularity so rapidly is because it offers 30 times faster connectivity than dialup. Also, unlike dialup, with wireless you can be online anywhere in your home. Some companies such as WildBlue are meeting this demand using satellites to provide wireless to virtually any location within the continental United States. WildBlue also offers affordable internet packages and free installation.

Even though they occupy less media attention than touch screen computers and mobile phones, it's the navigation systems that have been utilizing the touch screen concept most consistently. The Garmin nuvi series as well as the Go Live products from TomTom all function primarily through the use of touch screen.

Televisions appear to be the next frontier when it comes to touch screen. Several companies have introduced products with this feature. Samsung now offers a a line of LCD touch screen TVs. Sony is also now marketing a touch screen monitor that can serve as a PC, DVR and offers HDTV.

Laptop Reviews

We know choosing a laptop can be a daunting task with a market so overwhelmed by new products. A lot of this decision depends on how much you plan to spend and what functions you want your computer to serve. In an attempt to provide you at least a little guidance why not read Choosing the Best Computer, and we've decided to rank what we think are the best laptops on the market.

1.Apple MacBook Pro: This unbeatable product has screens with wither a 13, 15 or 17 inch screen. On top of the already amazing features of mac laptops, this new device can provide up to 10 hours of battery life. The smallest 13 inch screen comes with either 2.4 or 2.66 GHz.

2.Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet: This unique device includes features such as a swivel screen that can lay flat as well as touch screen capabilities. Lighter weight than the MacBook makes this device easier to carry but it has a shorter battery life.

3.Sony Vaio VPCF1190X: This computer offers a quality system but at a lower price. The 16.4 inch screen has impressive graphics and is great for gaming and multimedia but has a lower battery life lower than the ThinkPad.

4.Gateway NV7915u: This product is another device that provides above standard features at a budget price. Advanced touch pad technology makes navigating websites and documents a breeze. A larger screen and bulkier weight make it more difficult to tote around.

When it's time to decide on a laptop for you, look through customer reviews, compare specifications, and consider price options in order to make the most out of your new device.